For output, the plant has unique equipment:

  • - lines based on steam-air punching hammers with a mass of falling parts of 5-16 tons and gas flame heating;
  • - a set of equipment for the production of wheel rims BelAZ trucks with a carrying capacity of 40-240 tons;
  • - bending machines, calibrating presses of the firm "HOISLER";
  • - Press molding with hydraulic force of 25MN of firm "BANNING"
  • - etc.

Complex of equipment with CNC "Soenen"

is designed to produce holes in the side members without a 90 mm difference with variable or constant cross-section of the channel of length 5500-12000 mm, thickness 6-12 mm, weight 129-350 kg. Capacity 6-12 spars per hour, depending on the length of the spar.

CNC milling machine «TESSEN»

allows to conduct milling processing of flat and shaped surfaces, milling along the contour with the help of milling cutters of various types (end, end, spherical, fungal), as well as centering, drilling. The presence of a rotary spindle allows for more efficient handling of inclined flat and shaped surfaces, machining of holes on inclined surfaces.
The maximum weight of the workpiece is: - 5000 kg.
The maximum dimensions of the workpiece are: length 3800 mm; width of 1000 mm; height of 1500 mm.

THOMPSON friction welding machine

welds the crankcase shell with a trunnion. To control the working functions of the machine, the "operator interface program with the WELDER friction welding machine" is used.

Our production

Our motto:

Ensuring high quality products, labor protection, preservation of employees' health is the key to successful functioning and constant development of the organization.

Main goal of activity:

  • ensuring the success of the organization and the growth of the well-being of all workers on the basis of production and supply of high-quality products to consumers that meet their requirements;
  • creation of healthy and safe working conditions for workers of the organization by minimizing the causes of occupational injuries and occupational diseases as far as practicable in view of the nature of the organization's activities.

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